Milwaukee Pain Management: Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments

Milwaukee Orthopedic Surgeons and Foot Care Specialists Offer Advanced Pain Management Treatment

Milwaukee podiatrist, Dr. Robert Matteucci and his orthopedic staff specialize in a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatment methods. We treat all foot and ankle ailments, including corns and calluses, flat feet, neuroma, planar fasciitis, heel and arch pain, hammer toe, sesamoiditis and other orthopedic issues. Great Midwest Foot and Ankle offers the most advanced pain management Milwaukee has to offer.  We have the experience and knowledge to properly treat your foot or ankle ailment the right way the first time. Midwest Foot and Ankle gets you back on your feet faster!

Milwaukee Foot Specialists Provide Revolutionary Orthopedic and Pain Management Solutions

Unlike other Milwaukee orthopedic surgeons, Great Midwest Foot and Ankle supports a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. We utilize the latest surgical and non-surgical treatment methods to provide you with a range of healing options. Our Wisconsin orthopedic clinics have in-office x-rays and diagnostic ultrasound equipment for ailments requiring a more in-depth analysis. We also have state of the art equipment and treatment rooms to ensure your utmost level of comfort.

Our Milwaukee podiatrist and foot care specialists are uniquely trained in the latest orthopedic and pain management technology. We offer a variety of advanced laser treatments, including:

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle’s Milwaukee podiatrist and foot care specialists will take the time to explain all of your orthopedic treatment options. We are committed to ensuring you have a complete understanding of the details, process and success rate of each surgical or nonsurgical treatment available for your ailment.

Dr. Robert Matteucci makes himself available to you at his Wisconsin orthopedic clinics, as well as at a variety of local hospitals. Wherever you are having your procedure, Dr. Matteucci is committed to ensuring you have the most comfortable recovery possible. Great Midwest Foot and Ankle prides itself on having the best foot specialists and the best orthopedic surgeon Milwaukee has to offer. 

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists today to learn more about our pain management and orthopedic treatment options.

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