Ankle Avulsion Fracture Treatment

Ankle Avulsion Fractures Need Immediate Attention

Foot Doctors in Brookfield, WI Explain Ankle Avulsion Fracture Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery Time

Ankle Avulsion Fracture: Summary

An ankle avulsion fracture is not really a fracture in the sense you would normally imagine. The bone isn’t actually broken. Rather, the “fracture” is a tearing away of ligaments and tendons from your bones. If your ankle injury is violent enough to cause this separation, the ligaments and tendons may actually pull off a small chunk of bone. These bits of bone may or may not show up on an x-ray.

Ankle Avulsion Fracture: Symptoms

The most common ankle avulsion fracture symptoms include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Warmth 
  • Limited Ankle Mobility
  • Difficulty Bearing Weight
  • Ankle Pain

Ankle Aversion Fracture: Treatment

Standard treatment for an ankle aversion fracture is very similar to treatment for a sprained ankle, usually including rest, ice, compression, elevation and physical therapy. Serious ankle fractures typically require a cast, especially in children. Severe ankle fractures may require surgery.

Most ankle injuries benefit from or require individualized physical therapy. Without proper P.T., ankle avulsion fractures can lead to functional disability. It is important that ankle injuries heal fully and are rehabilitated properly. Our physical therapists in Brookfield and Milwaukee area provide customized rehabilitation treatment plans based on the uniqueness and severity of your injury, ensuring a faster, more complete rehabilitation.

Ankle Aversion Fracture: Recovery Time

Depending on the severity, ankle aversion fracture recovery time can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

If you’ve suffered a badly sprained ankle, it’s important to see a one of our foot doctors in Brookfield or Milwaukee. The longer you wait, the lower your chances are for proper healing and rehabilitation. Even seemingly minor ankle sprains can have additional injuries in and around the ankle, which require attention. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to ankle injuries.

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