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Ankle Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Milwaukee Foot Doctors Diagnose and Provide Advanced Treatment for Ankle Pain

The most common ankle pain is caused by a sprained ankle. However, ankle pain can have other causes such as tendonitisarthritis, gout, infection, nerve entrapment and improper alignment.

Regardless of the cause, ankle pain is usually characterized by swelling, warmth, stiffness or redness. The pain is usually intense but dull. Pain is typically worse when you put weight on it or move your ankle.

Our Milwaukee foot doctors quickly and accurately diagnose the source of your ankle pain, provide advanced treatment and help you prevent ankle injuries and pain in the future.

Below, our foot specialists in Milwaukee explain the most common causes of ankle pain and their key symptoms.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains might be common, but they can also be serious. In time, the ankle may feel normal during day-to-day activities, but when more rigorous activity begins you could risk damage to previously injured ligaments which never healed properly. Some ankle sprains will strain or tear tendons on the outside of your ankle.  If you felt a “pop” when you sprained your ankle, you may have a split or torn tendon.

If you have had several ankle sprains, you should see our Milwaukee foot specialists to see if you have unusual ankle instability. This condition can be the result of ankle sprains or other injuries which occurred years before, but never healed properly. Perhaps your rehabilitation was not complete, leaving you susceptible to future ankle instability and injuries.

It’s best to have our Milwaukee podiatrist check your ankle before beginning physical activity to help prevent future ankle injuries and pain.

Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures usually occur in the same manner as a sprain. The ankle rolls outward or inward. Sometimes you may have experienced both an ankle sprain and a broken bone.

Broken Ankles

Broken ankles can be very serious. These can range from a small piece of bone breaking off to a partial or complete break in the ankle bone itself. Even worse breaks can occur in the fibula, tibia or both.

Often you cannot walk with a broken ankle, but occasionally you can. You shouldn’t assume you don’t have a broken ankle simply because you can walk. A broken ankle typically shows signs of swelling and bruising.

If you think you have a broken ankle, you should make an appointment with our Milwaukee foot surgeon immediately.

Chronic Ankle Instability

Ankle instability can result in even more serious ankle injuries. Approximately 1 in 4 sports injuries are to the foot or ankle.

Ankle Instability happens when you frequently turn your ankle. This usually happens when you’re walking or running, but it can occur when you are merely standing. Your ankle can seem “wobbly.” There can be ankle pain or swelling. Chronic ankle instability can typically be avoided if you allow an ankle sprain to heal completely. If you aren’t patient, you could suffer permanent damage.

It’s important to take time to let ankle injuries heal before returning to activities. Our foot specialists in Milwaukee and Brookfield, WI perform detailed analyses and let you know exactly how long you should rest, when you can return to normal activities and physical activities, and what treatments (if any) are needed.

The Foot Specialists Milwaukee Trusts for Fast, Accurate Diagnosis and Highly Effective Treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers has the foot specialists Milwaukee and surrounding areas trust for fast, accurate diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, for foot and ankle injuries and related pain.

If you have chronic or severe ankle pain, or you suspect you endured one of the ankle injuries listed above, make an appointment with our podiatrists in Milwaukee area or Brookfield, WI right away. The sooner you seek treatment the greater chance you have of a full recovery. Putting up with ankle injuries only leads to additional damage, injuries and ankle pain.

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists now to setup an appointment at any of our conveniently located clinics and get fast, highly effective treatment for ankle injuries and related pain.

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