Broken Toe Symptoms Treatment

Broken Toe Symptoms and Treatment Detailed by Milwaukee Foot Doctors

When someone is experiencing chronic or severe toe pain they often find themselves asking, “How do I know if I have a broken toe?” Since inquiries about broken toe symptoms and treatment are so common our Milwaukee foot doctors have provided detailed information on the causes, symptoms and treatments for a broken toe, as well as possible complications.

Symptoms of a Broken Toe

If you stub your toe badly or drop something heavy on it, you may have a broken toe. Generally broken toe symptoms include pain, bruising, swelling and stiffness at the site. Blood may form under the toenail, as well. Another symptom of a broken toe includes visual deformity, like the toe pointing in the wrong direction. Other symptoms of a broken toe include discoloration at the site, pain when walking or wearing shoes, inability to bear weight, numbness and tingling.

Unless your toe pain is severe or the bone is actually sticking out of the skin (if this happens, call our Milwaukee foot doctor right away!), try some DIY broken toe treatment first. Our Milwaukee foot doctors recommend icing to reduce toe pain and swelling. We also recommend using “buddy tape” to tape the broken toe to the one next to it. Buddy tape will help stabilize the broken toe and provide some support.

When Do I Need To See A Milwaukee Foot Specialist?

While broken toes often heal without too much attention, complications can develop and many can be severe. The most common complication of a broken toe is a subungual hematoma (where blood forms under the toenail). When this occurs one of our Milwaukee foot specialists will have to pierce a hole through the toenail to relieve the pressure. If the hematoma is too large, our Milwaukee foot surgeon will need to remove the toenail.

If you have a stubbed or sprained toe, the pain and swelling should go down after a few days. If toe pain persists or gets worse, you should make an appointment with our Milwaukee foot specialist to make sure there is not serious damage or an underlying condition.

How Long Does it Take a Broken Toe to Heal?

Most broken toes heal in approximately six weeks. Usually they heal without complications. However, long-term complications can include arthritis, continued toe pain, stiffness or even permanent toe deformity. Our Milwaukee foot specialists can help you avoid these conditions with tailored solutions like custom orthoticsfoot pain laser treatment and physical therapy.

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists today for diagnosis and treatment of a broken toe.

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