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Milwaukee Foot Doctors Highlight the Most Common Football-Related Foot Injuries and Ankle Injuries

Milwaukee Sports Medicine Doctors Diagnose and Treat a Wide Range of Foot and Ankle Football Injur

Our experienced Milwaukee sports medicine doctors utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to treat football-related foot injuries and ankle injuries in the fastest and most effective way possible. Depending on the severity of your sports injury, our Milwaukee foot doctors may recommend surgery, physical therapy and/or a combination of medical laser treatments and other non-surgical treatment methods.

Below our Milwaukee sports medicine specialists has outlined some of the most common football-related foot injuries and ankle injuries.

Milwaukee Sports Medicine Specialists Detail the Most Common Football Injuries of the Foot and Ankle

Ankle Sprains: In football, players run fast, stop suddenly, twist, turn and fall or get tackled. All of these actions can cause a sprained ankle. If you’ve gotten an ankle injury during football it’s best to ice right away and elevate the foot. You may want to use an elastic bandage for support. The ankle is usually better in a few days. If you suspect your sports injury is more than an ankle sprain, contact our Milwaukee sports medicine clinic right away to get in for an evaluation.

High Ankle Sprains: A high ankle sprain is more serious than a traditional ankle sprain. It often happens when a players twists or rotates. High ankle ligaments are just above the ankle. Oftentimes, the ligaments are torn or damaged. The ligaments in this area of the ankle are important since they connect the tibia and fibula, which aid in walking, running and other movement.

Toe Fractures: Breaking a toe can be caused by falling, twisting or hitting your toe against a hard object (like a football helmet!). Breaking your large toe is more serious and painful. Treatment for a toe fracture can vary depending on the severity of the injury. If you believe you’ve suffered a toe fracture or broken toe, make an appointment with our Milwaukee foot specialists right away for accurate diagnosis and highly effective treatment options.

Foot Bone Fractures: Foot bone fractures are serious and are usually caused by hitting your foot against a hard surface (or having a big lineman stomp on it). You’ll need a foot brace or cast for several weeks. Simple and clean foot bone fractures usually heal completely. Make an appointment with our Milwaukee foot specialists right away, so you can get healed and back on the field faster.

Turf Toe: Turf toe is a metatarsophalangeal joint sprain. There is injury to the connecting tissue from the foot to the toes. When there is a joint sprain in the big toe, it’s called “turf toe.” If the foot is firmly planted and you are tackled, the toe can be hyperextended which often brings about this common football-related foot injury. If you do not receive proper treatment for turf toe the sports injury can put you out of the game for anywhere from several weeks to several months.

Peroneal Tendon Injuries: Since football requires a lot of repetitive ankle motion, peroneal tendon injuries are very common. Two peroneal tendons in the foot make the foot and ankle stable, protecting them from sprains. People with high arches are particularly at risk for this type of football ankle injury.

Achilles Tendon Ruptures: This type of football injury is extremely painful. The Achilles tendon connects the muscles in the back of your calf to the heel bone. If you overstretch the Achilles tendon, it can tear completely or partially. Players may hear or feel a pop or a snap when the Achilles tendon ruptures. A sharp pain follows in the ankle and lower leg. This is a serious injury, usually requiring Achilles tendon surgery.

Milwaukee Foot Doctors Provide Accurate Diagnosis and Highly Effective Treatment for Sports Injuries of the Foot and Ankle

Football injuries can be pretty traumatic. Sometimes the sports injury can be clean and simple; other times, it can be messy and complex. The experience and skill of our Milwaukee sports medicine doctors paired with our state-of-the-art equipment means we can diagnose foot and ankle sports injuries quicker and more accurately. It also means we are able to recommend and provide the most effective treatment options available, so you can get back in the game faster.

Contact our Milwaukee sports medicine doctors today to request an appointment with our specialists.

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