Fat Pad Syndrome Treatment

Fat Pad Syndrome Is Painful…And Treatable

Milwaukee Foot Doctors Diagnose and Treat Fat Pad Syndrome

Fat Pad Syndrome is not a particularly common injury. If you think you have injured yourself in this manner, you’ll want to check with an experienced Milwaukee foot doctor at Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers.

The symptoms of Fat Pad Syndrome can be very similar to plantar fasciitis, which is why many doctors mistake the diagnosis.

Fat Pad Syndrome Summary

The fat pad is an inch-thick pad between our skin and heel. It cushions against impact. Since it’s mostly fatty tissue, it’s called the “fat pad.” It’s divided into cushions which keep it in place right under the heel. However, if this is injured, the fat pad can move, causing heel pain and sometimes heel bruising.

Fat Pad Syndrome is displacement of a portion of the fat pad which protects the heel. The pad is usually pushed to a side. Most often, the injury resulting in Fat Pad Syndrome is caused by landing heel-first from a great height or onto a hard surface. Fat Pad Syndrome can also be brought on by prolonged standing or walking on hard surfaces. Other causes of Fat Pad Syndrome may simply be due to age or weight.

Fat Pad Syndrome usually causes middle of heel pain. This is different from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, both of which cause front of the heel pain. The fat pad syndrome pain is similar to a heel bruise – dull and deep. It could be very painful to press your thumb into the center of your heel. Heel pain will also be worse when you walk on a hard surface (hardwood, tile, concrete, etc.).

Fat Pad Syndrome DIY Treatments

Fat Pad Syndrome DIY treatments can be effective and typically include over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, taping, icing, or heel cups.

When Should You Call A Milwaukee Foot Doctor?

If you experience sudden increases in heel pain or feel a “snap,” make an appointment to see our Milwaukee foot specialist right away. You’ll need a diagnosis from an experienced foot doctor who is familiar with the subtle differences between plantar fasciitis pain and Fat Pad Syndrome pain.

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists now for accurate diagnosis and highly effective treatment of Fat Pad Syndrome or other heel pain issues.

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