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Foot Arch Pain Causes and Treatment from Brookfield Foot Specialists

Brookfield Foot Doctors Quickly and Effectively Treat Foot Arch Pain

Arch pain is a common problem for many people. There are a variety of possible foot arch pain causes due to the complexity of the foot’s bone structure. With proper medical care from our skilled foot specialists in Brookfield, WI we’ll determine the source your arch pain, as well as your triggers. Once we identify the source and preventative measures, our Brookfield foot doctors will produce a personalized treatment plan which yields the fastest and most effective recovery for your foot arch pain.

Foot Arch Pain Causes

There are many foot arch pain causes, including, but not limited to:

  • Foot Injury or Trauma (A sudden, direct blow to your foot)
  • Ligament Sprain
  • Foot Muscle Strain
  • Compromised Gait
  • Foot Stress Fractures (usually from repetitive activities)
  • Overuse 
  • Foot Arthritis
  • Foot Joint Problems
  • Improper Footwear
  • Flat Feet
  • Plantar Fasciitis

While there are a variety of foot arch pain causes, the most common cause is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis refers to damage of the plantar fascia — a thick tissue which supports the arch. This tissue runs from the heel to the metatarsal bones which extend to your toes. There are several options for treating foot arch pain due to Plantar Fasciitis, including highly advanced medical lasers, injections, physical therapy and, in severe cases, Plantar Fasciitis surgery.

Fallen arches or flat feet are another one of the common causes of foot arch pain. If you suffer from flat feet/fallen arches, our Brookfield foot doctor may recommend custom orthotics, shoe inserts, rest or physical therapy. Flat feet surgery is rare, but might be needed.

Arch Pain Might Be As Complicated As Your Feet

There are 26 bones in each one of your feet. These bones form two arches, one running from front to back and one running from side to side. All of these foot bones are carefully aligned, fitting together because of their shape. Ligaments hold them in place so your foot can function. Foot muscles – and the Plantar Fascia – provide additional support. Foot pads help support your weight and absorb impact. When something goes wrong with any of all these elements, foot arch pain can occur. You shouldn’t ignore this type of foot pain since foot arches are one of the main structures of your body.

Foot sprains, strains, bruises and fractures are always painful. Foot injuries can be caused by one event or a serious of continuous stresses. Even a minor foot injury can be serious as it can cause other problems down the road.

Our Brookfield foot specialists often see foot arch pain in youth and adult athletes who participate in sports with repetitive movements. We see a lot of these types of sports foot injuries in basketball, football, volleyball, ballet, gymnastics and track/cross country/marathon runners. This repetitive nature often causes such severe and/or chronic arch pain that the foot becomes stressed to the point of damage.

DIY Foot Arch Pain Treatment: Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet

  • DIY Pain Relief for Flat Feet Arch Pain: Use foot inserts with good arch support, rest, apply ice, use over-the-counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen (always consult your physician)
  • DIY Pain Relief for Plantar Fasciitis Arch Pain: Rest, stretch, use shoe inserts, wear shoes with good shock absorption and arch support, avoid going barefoot, use over-the-counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen (always consult your physician)

Brookfield Foot Specialists Provide Fast, Effective Arch Pain Treatment

The Brookfield, WI foot specialists at Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers provide fast and highly effective arch pain treatment depending on your specific ailment. Based on your unique needs, we may utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to get you back on your feet faster. This arch pain treatment plan may include physical therapy, custom orthotics, medical laser therapy or injections.

Experiencing Arch Pain, Brookfield? DON’T IGNORE IT!

If your experiencing chronic, severe or repetitive foot arch pain, make an appointment with our exceptionally skilled foot specialists in Brookfield, WI or make an appointment at any one of our conveniently located podiatry centers in Southeast Wisconsin. Left untreated, arch pain is not only painful, annoying and debilitating, it can also cause other serious issues.

Don’t let foot arch pain get the best of you. Get fast, effective treatment from the skilled foot doctors at Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers.

Contact our foot specialists in Brookfield, WI today to setup an appointment at any one of our podiatry centers in Southeast Wisconsin.

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