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Foot Eversion Signs, Causes and Treatment

Our Brookfield Foot Doctors Explain the Facts on Foot Eversion

Foot eversion is when your foot collapses inward, usually with your feet also flattening. The sole of the foot actually faces away from your other foot, increasingly so as the problem worsens. Foot eversion is not particularly common among most people, although our Brookfield foot doctors often see athletes suffering from this type of foot pain. Many people think foot eversion is normal; it is not. However, it can be relatively easy to correct.

Foot Eversion Causes

Our foot doctors in Brookfield, WI most commonly find foot eversion in those who stand in a pronated position (with the feet on an outward angle). This posture makes the body much weaker and more exposed. By itself, this might cause injury but it also results in less leverage and strength. In sports, this is a big limitation.

If foot eversion is not properly treated, it can cause other problems which are often far more painful.

Untreated foot eversion can cause plantar fasciitis (heel pain), ankle sprains, fractures or breaks, knee problems, bone spurs, Achilles tendonitis and IT band problems.

Foot Eversion Treatment

Foot eversion treatment options generally include custom orthotics, braces or shoe inserts; however, the most common foot eversion treatment is physical therapy. Physical therapy is important to improve both the flexibility and strength of your foot and ankle muscles. Stronger, “corrected” muscles prevent injury and correct misalignment issues.

If you suffer from foot eversion, it is important to see our Brookfield foot specialists as soon as possible to reduce the risk of future injury and pain. When you make an appointment at any one of our podiatry clinics in Southeast Wisconsin, we’ll identify your personal levels of discomfort and risk of injury. Next, we’ll customize the most effective treatment plan for your degree of foot eversion, minimizing your chance of foot and ankle injuries and other painful podiatric conditions.

Contact our foot specialists in Brookfield, WI today to schedule an appointment for foot eversion treatment and receive the highest level of medical treatment and patient care.

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