Football Injuries Overtraining

Football Foot and Ankle Injuries Due to Overtraining

Milwaukee Sports Medicine Doctors Advise on Most Common Football Overtraining Injuries Affecting the Foot and Ankle

Our Milwaukee sports medicine doctors know more training doesn’t always lead to better performance. In some cases, overtraining can actually impede your progress due to foot and ankle injuries. When it comes to football (and most sports) overdoing it – or doing too much too soon — can cause a season-ending injury.

Below our Milwaukee sports medicine doctors list the most common football injuries due to overtraining.

Plantar Fasciitis: This is heel pain, with emphasis on the word “pain.” It’s also known as “jogger’s heel.” Usually the pain is worse if the foot is pointed up and less if pointed down. This type of heel pain is often too bad to ignore. It’s best to stay away from football (and all sports) for a while. Proper diagnosis and treatment is important. If you’re forced to compromise your gait to avoid these serious pains you may develop back or hip problems. Our Milwaukee foot doctors can recommend effective, non-invasive treatments for plantar fasciitis, so you can get back in the game faster

Achilles Tendonitis: Achilles tendonitis is when the Achilles tendon is swollen and painful near the bottom of the foot. This orthopedic condition usually happens gradually due to too much jumping, running too often or playing on hard surfaces. Repeated sudden twists and turns can also cause Achilles tendonitis.

Sesamoiditis: This one of the most common overtraining injuries we see in football players. A sesamoid is a bone inside a tendon. Sesamoiditis is chronic inflammation of the sesamoid bone and its tendon. The pain is dull and irregular, depending on the type of activity. Sesamoiditis can also occur when the athlete doesn’t do sufficient warm-up activity.

Stress Fractures: A stress fracture is another very common football injury which is caused by overuse or overtraining. Stress fractures can occur during games and especially during practices when the leg muscles are fatigues and cannot absorb any more shocks. Tired muscles transfer the impact directly to the bones, causing tiny cracks to occur.

Posterior Tibial Tendon Injuries: Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is very common among football players and other athletes. When the posterior tibial tendon is inflamed or torn, it can’t provide stability and support for the arch. Over time this orthopedic condition can cause fallen arches (flatfoot). When this type of injury occurs custom orthotics or stabilization braces may be needed and, in some cases, surgery is required.

Our Milwaukee Physical Therapists Provide Strategic Recovery Regimens for Foot and Ankle Football Injuries

Our Milwaukee physical therapists know football is a collision sport (as opposed to a contact sport) and with this comes foot pain, ankle pain and serious orthopedic injuries. Proper treatment and full recovery for foot and ankle injuries are critical to being able to get back in the game. However, it’s also critical to prevent further injury to the body. Our physical therapists and Milwaukee sports medicine doctors work cohesively to develop the most effective rehabilitation and recovery regimens for your injury. We custom design the best program for you based on a variety of factors including the severity of your injury. Physical therapy may include stretching, weight lifting, balancing/stabilization and other strengthening exercises.

Milwaukee Foot Doctors Provide Accurate Diagnosis and Highly Effective Treatment for Athletes of all Ages

Our Milwaukee foot doctors provide surgical and non-surgical treatment for a variety of foot and ankle injuries. We utilize the most advanced equipment in the industry for accurate diagnosis and highly effective treatment. Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers treats athletes of all ages and abilities so come in and see our Milwaukee sports medicine specialists and get back in the game faster!

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