Milwaukee Podiatrist Treats Infectious Skin Conditions of the Foot and Ankle

Milwaukee Foot Specialists Provide Specialized Infectious Skin Condition Treatment

As one of the best podiatrists in Milwaukee, Dr. Matteucci offers highly effective treatment for infectious skin conditions of the foot. Infectious foot skin conditions can occur in both men and women and at all ages; however, they are most common in athletes, diabetics, children, the elderly and the disabled. When left untreated, many infectious skin conditions of the foot can present a range of serious health concerns, including bone marrow inflammation. Some of these skin conditions can progress, forming deep abscesses on the skin, leading to further complications of the infection and damage to bones, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue.

Many infectious skin conditions of the foot prove to be incredibly difficult to treat with over-the-counter topical creams. Most of these foot creams are not strong enough to kill the infection completely, which results in recurrent foot skin conditions. When you visit our Wisconsin orthopedic and podiatric clinics you’ll be greeted by our top Milwaukee foot specialists. We’ll diagnose and assess the severity of your foot skin condition and provide you with a range of treatment options. As advocates of a multi-disciplinary treatment approach, we may suggest a combination treatment method for advanced skin conditions requiring a higher level of care. These treatment methods may include specialized diabetic foot care, topical creams, MLS Laser Therapy or surgery.

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists today for highly effective treatment of foot and ankle skin conditions.