Plantar Fasciitis Milwaukee Foot Doctors Heal Your Heel Pain

Our Milwaukee foot doctors know getting your day off on the right foot is really difficult when you have plantar fasciitis heel pain. The first few steps out of bed are often the most painful and the pain usually doesn’t get a whole lot better throughout the day. The Milwaukee foot specialists at Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers provide the most advanced treatment for plantar fasciitis, which is as common as it is painful.

Plantar fasciitis can be caused by a variety of factors, including age, weight and exercise (too much or too little). While plantar fasciitis is usually temporary (although it can be a recurring issue for many), this foot ailment can take up to 18 months to correct itself, resulting in a very long and painful wait for heel pain relief. From temporary and severe to recurring and mild, our plantar fasciitis Milwaukee foot doctors treat the full scope.

Many foot surgeons in Milwaukee encourage patients to undergo plantar fasciitis surgery. At Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers we don’t believe in immediately jumping to surgery, especially when we’ve seen such remarkable, long-term results with non-surgical plantar fasciitis treatment.

Milwaukee Foot Pain Clinics Provide Highly Effective Non-Surgical Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Our Milwaukee foot pain clinics specialize in non-surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis. We pair state of the art equipment with the best physical therapists in Milwaukee to give you fast, effective, long-term relief of heel pain due to plantar fasciitis.

For athletes and other plantar fasciitis sufferers, our sports medicine Milwaukee physical therapists recommend various stretching exercises to ease arch pain and heel pain. These customized stretches prevent the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis from recurring or getting worse. For athletes, we monitor and evaluate in-place training regimens, providing areas to correct or improve. Our sports medicine Milwaukee physical therapists typically design structured regimens around stretching, strengthening and maintenance.

Plantar fasciitis stretching is concentrated on the calf and foot. Emphasis on stretching the Achilles tendon is also highly effective for reducing this type of heel pain. Common exercises include wall stretches and towel stretches with the knee in either an extended or flexed position. These and other plantar fasciitis exercises can significantly reduce heel pain. Improvement can be maintained by simply continuing the exercises our Milwaukee sports medicine physical therapists provide.

Night splints can also be highly effective for chronic plantar fasciitis, since many sufferers sleep with their feet in a planter-flexed position. This sleeping position can cause the plantar fascia to shorten. Wearing night splints help keep your foot at the proper angle throughout the night.

Shoe modifications, like inserts and custom orthotics can also be extremely helpful. Fashionable footwear is not exactly well known for providing adequate foot support. High heels and other ill-fitting shoes often contribute to heel pain (as well as arch pain, toe pain, ankle pain, knee pain and hip pain). Flat, supportive footwear which is comfortable and fits properly is the best way to go.

Heel Pain Milwaukee Foot Doctors Utilize Ground-Breaking Technology for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Our heel pain Milwaukee foot doctors utilize the most advanced technology for plantar fasciitis treatment and other orthopedic and podiatric conditions. One specific non-invasive and non-surgical plantar fasciitis treatment we use is Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Therapy (ESWT). During this procedure the foot tissue receives painless, high-pressure sound waves which stimulate natural healing and reduce heel pain. MLS Laser Therapy is another one of our ground-breaking plantar fasciitis treatment options. This type of plantar fasciitis laser treatment reduces foot pain and inflammation while improving mobility, circulation and speeding up natural healing in the designated area.

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