Post Traumatic Arthritis

Milwaukee Foot Specialists Relieve Post Traumatic Arthritis Pain

Foot Pain and Post Traumatic Arthritis: a Painful Echo from the Past

Remember the old football injury you shook off? “Rub some dirt on it!” the coach said. “Get back out there!” So you did. Both. Eventually, you got better.

Unfortunately, it’s years later and you’re still experiencing foot pain and it’s actually getting worse. The cause of this foot pain may be Post Traumatic Arthritis (PTA), the result of a past injury. It’s not “normal” arthritis, which is joint inflammation getting worse with age. Post Traumatic Arthritis is when your joint wears out due to a previous injury. PTA can be caused by a car accident, sports injury, a fall or just about any other trauma to your body.

Damage or injury to a joint makes you up to 7 times more likely to develop arthritis. It’s the same with broken bones. Even with alignment restored through casts or surgery, you’re more likely to develop arthritis. The same can happen with a ligament or tendon injury. Often, after experiencing these types of injuries, the body secretes hormones which contribute to the breakdown of joint-cushioning cartilage cells.

Our Milwaukee Podiatrist Details the Most Common Post Traumatic Arthritis Symptoms

When our Milwaukee podiatrist evaluates patients with Post Traumatic Arthritis they often experience joint pain, swelling, lack of mobility, fluid buildup in the affected joint and difficulty climbing stairs (or any other activity which stresses the joint). Older people expect problems like these and accept them as normal. However, if you are between 18 and 45, you could be suffering from Post Traumatic Arthritis.

Milwaukee Sports Medicine Doctors Explain How to Prevent Post Traumatic Arthritis in Children

You know how you feel now with foot pain or ankle pain which may be the result of Post Traumatic Arthritis. As a parent, our Milwaukee sports medicine doctors know you have even more incentive to carefully watch when your child plays sports. Sports injuries are increasingly common, especially since children are playing organized sports at a younger age. Often, when a young player is hurt, he or she doesn’t spend nearly enough time in recovery or rehabilitation. A child wants to get right back in the game (just like you did!). Unfortunately, once a young player is injured there is a much higher risk of further injury to the same joint. This is especially true when feet are injured, as a repeat injury is much more likely.

When sports injuries occur, most parents are more concerned about immediate injuries — severe cuts, bruises, broken bones, etc. What parents do not often consider, however, is how common accompanying joint injuries are. If your child has experienced a foot or ankle injury it’s important to make an appointment for your youngster to be evaluated by our Milwaukee sports medicine doctors. At this point, we can effectively determine if there has been any damage to the joints, ligaments, tendons, soft tissue, etc. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical in preventing more serious injuries and painful long-term effects.

Milwaukee Foot Doctors Provide Advanced Treatment for Post Traumatic Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle

Although initial Post Traumatic Arthritis treatments are usually conservative, they are often surprisingly effective. Treatment often begins with healthy weight management and physical therapy. Customized low impact exercise is also helpful as it strengthens the muscles around the affected joint. To combat everyday pain and inflammation our Milwaukee foot specialists may recommend anti-inflammatory medication (INSAID drugs). If you’re already taking these please use caution as some of these drugs have adverse side effects like stomach problems, kidney difficulties or liver problems.

For more serious cases, initial Post Traumatic Arthritis treatment may include cortisone injections to the joint, which is akin to having an artificial joint lubricant. Cortisone injections are not a cure for Post Traumatic Arthritis, but, in the short term, they can make you more comfortable and more mobile.

All of the above treatments provide some degree of relief. However, given time, Post Traumatic Arthritis symptoms may worsen to the point where surgery is necessary. The key to PTA surgery is to improve the joint to as close to healthy condition as possible. Most surgical procedures for Post Traumatic Arthritis are quite successful, resulting in less pain and increased function.

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers has earned an outstanding professional reputation throughout the medical community for providing the most advanced and effective podiatry treatment. Our highly skilled Milwaukee foot surgeons utilize industry leading surgical equipment to provide lasting relief of Post Traumatic Arthritis.

Best Pain Clinic in Milwaukee for Post Traumatic Arthritis Treatment

When you come to our experienced Milwaukee foot surgeons, you’ll be professionally evaluated at one of the best foot pain clinics in Southeast Wisconsin. During your appointment, our Milwaukee foot specialists will want to know a little bit about your history. We will ask you to remember the injury, when the old injury bothers you, if anything improves the pain and, of course, what makes it worse. Several treatment options may be recommended, depending on the nature of the injury, the level of pain and your overall health.

After a physical evaluation, our Milwaukee foot specialists may request an X-ray, CT scan or an MRI to see if there are any underlying issues which may be contributing to your foot or ankle pain.

Milwaukee Foot Surgeons Give You a Leg Up on Foot and Ankle Pain

If you’re experiencing foot pain or ankle pain which you believe is due to a previous injury, schedule a visit with our exceptionally skilled Milwaukee foot specialists. Our podiatrists will identify the source behind your foot pain or ankle pain and provide the most effective treatment plan for you.

Contact our Milwaukee pain clinics today to schedule an appointment for professional evaluation and recommended treatment for Post Traumatic Arthritis.

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