Milwaukee Podiatrist Uniquely Specializes in Diabetic Foot Care

The Foot Specialists Milwaukee Relies on For Diabetic Foot Treatment

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers’ Milwaukee podiatrist uniquely specializes in diabetic foot care and treatment. Our Milwaukee foot specialists understand the side effects and complicated health problems caused by diabetes. High blood glucose levels greatly increase the chances of foot infection and pain. Simple foot pain issues can be extremely dangerous when combined with diabetes and can progress to potentially fatal situations.

People with diabetes should have regular foot and footwear inspections to ensure hazardous infections are diagnosed early. An early diagnosis allows immediate treatment of dangerous infections, lowering the risk of more painful or life threatening conditions. With revolutionary equipment and experienced Milwaukee foot specialists, the diagnostic process at Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers is simple, efficient, and accurate. We work with state of the art equipment specifically designed to identify and treat infectious skin conditions.

Our Milwaukee podiatrist provides a variety of treatment and diagnostic options, ensuring you are comfortable with the diabetic foot care treatment you receive. Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers offers advanced non-surgical, non-invasive treatment options to provide you with the best treatment choices available. Our non-surgical Cool Breeze Laser Treatment is a revolutionary system designed to kill toenail fungus infections, reducing the risk of a more painful condition. Diagnosing and treating diabetic foot infections and diseases early can prevent the possibility of more severe foot problems down the road, which may require unfavorable surgical options.

Our Milwaukee foot specialists are dedicated to providing personalized patient care so you feel comfortable during the diagnostic and treatment process. We share vital diabetic foot care information with you throughout the treatment process to ensure future health. Our Milwaukee foot specialists encourage our diabetic patients to take advantage of our preventative foot and ankle care services to reduce the need for serious treatment later. Our multidisciplinary approach to efficient diagnosis and highly effective treatment makes Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers the foot clinic Milwaukee relies on for exceptional diabetic foot care.

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists today for specialized diabetic foot care and preventative care.