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Revered and respected as one of the best foot and ankle surgeons in Milwaukee, Dr. Matteucci has provided countless patients with the most accurate, in-depth diagnosis. He’s paired this insightful medical expertise with the most effective treatment or treatment combinations based on the patient’s specific condition. From flat feet correction to bunion treatment and everything in between, patients rely on Dr. Matteucci as their premier Milwaukee foot and ankle doctor. Whether you need foot and ankle sports injury specialists in Milwaukee or local arthritis management care, we’ve got you covered. Read below to see what real patients are saying about Dr. Matteucci and the incredible staff at our Wisconsin orthopedic and podiatric clinics.

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“Helped me with my foot problem. Help yourself by listening to Dr. Matteucci for healing faster.”

“Dr Robert Matteucci and his staff are very comforting and knowledgeable. I could tell he is very busy but worth the wait. He is personal, he and the nurses remembered who I was on my follow up appointment. He has a great team. I went in for an ingrown toenail and he made the pain go away. Thank you!”

“Dr. Matteucci is great! Was very kind and helpful and unlike other Milwaukee podiatrists I’ve seen. Took the time to thoroughly explain my condition, and even fixed my problem without surgery when another quack podiatrist I saw insisted foot surgery was the only cure. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Matteucci!”

“Had a severe left heel pain. Gave me a cortisone short and I am walking after 2 weeks.I would refer him as a knowledgable Milwaukee Podiatrist.”

“I saw Dr. Matteucci for a painful left heel. It had been bothering me on and off for years, and I had seen 2 other foot and ankle surgeons. The other foot doctors told me I had heel heel spurs and would just rush me out of the office. The other foot and ankle doctors wanted to do surgery for the heel spurs. I wanted another opinion. I saw Dr. Matteucci’s website and made an appointment to see him. I could tell right away Dr. Matteucci was different from the other Milwaukee foot and ankle suregons I had seen. Even though he was busy, he was thorough and spent a lot of time with me explaining my condition. It turns out my heel pain was not coming from a heel spur. He diagnosed me right away with a nerve problem in my heel. I received 2 shots and prescribed medication and my pain went away. The other Milwaukee podiatrists I saw before Dr. Matteucci never mentioned the foot nerve problem and wanted to do surgery on my heel spurs. I wish I would have went to Dr. Matteucci and his staff earlier and would definitely recommend him for heel pain treatment.”

“I went in for a painful ingrown toenail with a mid-afternoon appointment. The office was very busy, and I did have a bit of a wait (about 20 minutes), but Dr. Matteucci is well worth the wait. I appreciated how personal he was. He took the time to explain to me why I was getting the ingrown toenails and how they were related to an arthritic joint condition I also had. He also took the time to explain all the different possible treatments. Being very afraid of needles, Dr. Matteucci and his staff were very gentle and comforting. I highly recommend Dr. Matteucci and his staff.”

“Love Dr. Bob!! My family has been seeing Dr. Bob for about 5 years now!”

Read what our happy customers are saying…

My dad and I love Dr. Yapp. He is very patient and kind. Staff is very helpful too.
Cheryl M.

I cannot say enough about Dr Hillmann. I have been suffering with severe gout for 6 weeks. 2 Doctors, 3 ER visits, no relief. Met Dr Hillmann for the first time. Not even 24 hours later I had 99% relieve. Thank you so very much Dr Hillmann.
Sedalia p.

Hi my name is Elena and My dad had surgeries at Gmfa and I fractured my ankle and it was the only Dr my dad would let me see because of his trust in the Drs at Gmfa Well I saw Dr Happy and Dr Happy was so Kool I’m so happy now that I’m out of camboot and pain free I see why my dad likes them good job guys.
Elena P.

Great Drs at Gmfa Dr Mattucci and Dr Yapp removed my ingrown toenail 2 bigoted and they were very I formative on ways to care for my toes and feet.The staff at Gmfa are all so respectfully and helpful they really care. Thank you
Theresa R.

Dr Matteucci corrected my right foot 1st thrue 5th metatarsals.I had 4 failed surgeries on my right foot after having my foot crushed by a forklift the Dr head of Froedharts orthopedic dept and their so called Top Podiatrist Dr Richard Marks told me that if he couldn’t fix it no one could my shoe size is 9 and half after Dr Marks performed 3rd and 4th corrective surgeries my right foot was deformed and had to get size 12 show for my right foot.After doing my homework it landed me at Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers and Dr Mattucci performed a miracle surgery 5 was 10 to 12 hours long and Great team at GMFA from surgery to physical therapy and surgery number 6 another 4 hrs under Dr Mattucci and his Great caring team of Drs and staff too many to name Angel,Dominique,and Genevise thank you both my feet are size 9 half again my accident happened on Dec 11th 2005 and 3 yes I. Wheelchair 20 plus cast later and I’m able to where Cowboy boots again after 12 years thank you Dr Mattucci you are my Heroe and my Guardian Angel my fiance kids and grandkids thank you you have them their “Wello back” Grandfather in Spanish I was a Drill Sgt in the US Army before the accident and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my quality of life back THANK YOU.Reynaldo Pena Sr
Reynaldo P.

Great Dr., very detailed. Answers all my questions.
Victor R.

I had surgery on my right ankle February 2015. Dr Matteucci and his staff are very professional, extremely helpful, informative, and compassionate! My ankle healed beautifully and I’m very satisfied with the whole experience!
Vera D.

I could not have asked for a better doctor. Dr. Robert Matteucci is a god send. He was able to identify and correct my feet problems that have been plaguing me for YEARS! He has afternoon and early evening appointments so you dont have to use precious vacation time. I have personally recommended him to my family and friends. I can’t say enough to show how truly impressed I was with him.
Mike L.

I had an amazing experience at the Brookfield office. I was working in the area one day when suddenly, an ingrown toenail that I’d been putting off dealing with really started bothering me. I couldn’t wear a shoe comfortably. The office staff was able to set me up with an emergency appointment and had me come right over for an emergency appointment as soon as I was available that day, which made me really happy. We ended up being there until 6:30, which I’m sure means that everyone was staying there late to make sure my toe got fixed. Dr. Matteucci was incredibly thorough. He explained what the possible causes of my predicament could have been, how he was going to treat it, and how I could hopefully prevent it from happening again in the future. At the same time, he was very clear and concise. The medical assistant I saw was also very helpful in explaining what to do to take care of my nail as it was healing. If any of my friends or family end up needing help with their feet, I know where I’ll be sending them.
Kay P.

I was able to get my daughter in with same day guaranteed appointments. Staff friendly and helpful. Dr. M. Did a thorough exam and we were able to get print treatment of the stress fracture. Thank You!!
Mary O.

Got an emergency appointment right away. Appreciative.