Milwaukee Foot Specialists Treat Chronic and Severe Arch Pain

The Podiatrist Milwaukee Trusts for Long-Lasting Relief of Recurring Arch Pain

Our Milwaukee foot specialists provide a multi-disciplinary approach when evaluating and treating chronic and severe arch pain. Arch pain may be caused by a variety of factors including foot deformities like hammertoe, overuse, structural imbalance, sports injuries and most commonly plantar fasciitis. Patients experiencing arch pain may suffer from burning, sharp or shooting pain. Arch pain sufferers may also experience localized heat, redness and inflammation, as well as have difficulty standing on tip toes.

When you arrive at one of our state-of-the-art foot clinics in Southeast Wisconsin you’ll meet with the best foot specialists in Milwaukee. During your medical consultation our Milwaukee podiatrist will perform some basic tests to confirm your arch pain is not the result of a coinciding foot ailment. If our Milwaukee podiatrist suspects there may be underlying issues related to your arch pain we may order an X-ray, CT scan or MRI to rule out any ligament, tendon or surrounding tissue damage, as well as potential foot fractures.

After comprehensive diagnosis our Milwaukee podiatrist may recommend custom orthoticsphysical therapy, MLS Laser Therapy and, in select cases, surgery. MLS Laser Therapy is the preferred intermediary method for arch pain treatment. MLS Laser Therapy reduces inflammation and pain by speeding the body’s natural healing process through increased circulation and cell repair stimulation. This laser foot treatment also aids in the healing of damaged tendons and ligaments.

Due to the structural complexity of the foot it is important to visit the top podiatrist in Milwaukee when you are suffering from chronic or severe arch pain. Our Milwaukee foot specialists utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to treat foot and ankle conditions. This pronged approach produces faster, longer-lasting results than singular treatment methods. Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers clinics in Southeast Wisconsin have the industry’s most cutting edge equipment to ensure you get the best, most effective treatment possible. Don’t gamble on second-rate podiatrists in Milwaukee; go to the best and get the personalized care and long-lasting treatment you deserve.

Contact the best podiatrist Milwaukee has to offer and kick your arch pain for good!