Milwaukee Foot Specialists Provide Calluses and Corns Treatment

The Foot Doctor Milwaukee Relies on for Treating Corns and Foot Calluses

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers’ Milwaukee foot specialists offer specialized treatment for foot calluses and corns. Corns and calluses are responses to friction or pressure against the area. Repetitive friction or pressure forces the skin to toughen and form a protective covering. Severe corns and calluses can destroy healthy tissue, become infected or negatively impact foot mechanics. Those who also suffer from bunionshammertoe, an abnormal gait, flat feet, bone spurs or rheumatoid arthritis are most susceptible to corns and calluses. Previous or current orthopedic sports injuries also can prompt these foot ailments, as an athlete may compromise his or her gait after experiencing or recovering from an injury. This abnormal gait often leads to unnatural pressure or friction on different parts of the foot, thereby producing new corns or calluses.


Foot corns can range in severity from a slight thickening of skin to a hard and painful bump. Corns can develop virtually anywhere on the foot, but are most common on the tops of toes, where ill-fitting shoes can rub. Hard corns are thick and dense. Soft corns occur when sweat becomes trapped at the corn the core softens. Soft corns usually occur between the toes, where sweat is most apt to occur. Soft corns usually appear as an open sore.


Calluses can spread across the balls of your feet, along the outer edge of the heel or on the big toe. Calluses often begin on the area of the foot where pressure is the greatest. Walking barefoot also prompts the formation of calluses. Calluses are tough, dry and thick. They are usually less sensitive to the touch than other parts of the foot. Calluses may also appear to have a gray or yellow-like hue.

Corns and Calluses Treatment

When you are suffering with corns or calluses, visit one of our Milwaukee podiatry clinics. Our Milwaukee podiatrist provides specialized treatment for corns and calluses, while helping you prevent future occurrences. We may suggest custom orthotics, shoe inserts, proper-fitting shoes or orthopedic shoes, or an outpatient procedure. Our Milwaukee foot specialists strongly advise against any attempts at “home surgery” on corns and calluses as this can result in damage of healthy tissue and infection. If you are experiencing chronic or severe corns or calluses our Milwaukee podiatrist may check for underlying bone deformities and neuropathy as this may require additional attention.

Contact our Milwaukee foot doctor today for treatment of painful and unsightly corns and calluses.