Milwaukee Podiatry Clinics Treat Foot and Ankle Fractures

The Foot Doctor Milwaukee Relies on for Proper Foot and Ankle Fracture Treatment

Our Milwaukee foot specialists are experts in determining the severity of foot and ankle fractures. Fractures may be caused by overuse, osteoporosis, poor athletic footwear and sports injuries from track, soccer, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and dance. Foot and ankle fractures can be the result of direct injury or they can develop overtime due to repetitive stress. Fractures which develop over time are characterized as stress fractures. Ankle and foot fractures usually result in swelling, bruising, pain, deformities, and difficulty walking or bearing weight.

When you arrive at one of our Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers Milwaukee podiatry clinics you’ll be promptly evaluated. Our Milwaukee foot doctor will complete a basic round of diagnostic tests which focuses on degree and area of pain, as well as range of motion. An X-Ray may be ordered to rule out undiagnosed broken bones and/ or to determine if surgery is necessary. If our Milwaukee podiatrist suspects there may be underlying damage in the joints, ligaments, tendons or soft tissue a CT scan or MRI may be arranged.

Depending on the severity of the ankle or foot fracture, surgery may be required to attain stability and reduce the occurrence of future injury. If there is ligament, tendon or nerve damage MLS Laser Therapymay be recommended. This cold laser therapy aids in the reduction of inflammation and pain, while stimulating the body’s natural healing process through cell repair and regeneration. Depending on severity, the non-surgical, non-invasive and pain-free laser therapy may only last 10-20 minutes. Most patients who receive MLS Laser Therapy experience results in as little as 1-3 treatments with rapid pain relief.

If you think you may have an ankle or foot fracture visit the podiatrist Milwaukee trusts for accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge treatment. Don’t risk resulting bone deformities, instability and future injury by not taking care of your fracture immediately. Get fast, effective foot pain relief with long-term results.

Contact our Milwaukee podiatry clinics now and get into see our foot and ankle specialists.