Milwaukee Podiatrist Treats Foot Neuropathy and Foot Nerve Pain

Our Podiatry Milwaukee Area Clinics Provide Treatment of Neuropathy in Feet

Our Milwaukee foot specialists know in the U. S. alone there are more than 20 million people suffering from neuropathy, which is why we uniquely specialize in this type of foot pain treatment.

Foot neuropathy generally develops in those with vitamin deficiencies and autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus, Lyme disease, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease and AIDS/HIV.

Foot nerve pain can also be caused by trauma, pressure on the nerves, certain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and organ transplants.

Those with Rheumatoid arthritis are also more likely to develop foot nerve pain. Arthritis management is highly encouraged by our Milwaukee foot specialists in order to manage pain while preventing future arthritis flares.

Over half of diabetes patients suffer from foot neuropathy. Our Milwaukee foot doctors highly recommend diabetic foot treatment to effectively manage foot nerve pain and flare-ups.

Foot neuropathy can occur suddenly or over time.

The most common symptoms of neuropathy in feet includes tingling, burning, numbness, restricted mobility, muscle weakness, difficulty walking or running, a feeling of heavy legs and tiring easily.

Those with foot nerve pain should avoid wearing tight fitting shoes and socks and should enter into a physical therapy program to help manage pain and prevent worsening symptoms.

Neuropathy Treatment from the Foot Doctor Milwaukee Trusts

Dr. Matteucci and his Milwaukee foot specialists provide a multi-disciplinary approach to treat foot neuropathy with the highest efficacy. Our Milwaukee podiatrist diagnoses your exact neuropathy condition, informs you of your surgical and non-surgical treatment options and provides you with ways to best manage your neuropathy pain.

Whether you suffer from femoral neuropathy, small fiber neuropathy or have diabetic nerve pain, our Milwaukee podiatrist has the surgical and non-surgical treatment methods to ensure you get back on your feet faster. Our Milwaukee foot and ankle clinics utilize proven, cutting edge technology, while boasting the most personalized and compassionate care. When you suffer from foot neuropathy, everyday mobility becomes difficult and painful. Don’t suffer any longer; visit our Milwaukee foot specialists today.

Contact our podiatry Milwaukee area specialists now and take control of your foot nerve pain.