Milwaukee Foot Specialists Treat Foot Neuroma

The Foot Doctor Milwaukee Relies on for Fast, Effective Relief of Foot Neuroma

Great Midwest and Ankle’s Milwaukee foot specialists diagnose and treat foot neuroma and help you achieve continued results. Neuroma is classified as a painful nerve growth, usually forming between the third and fourth toe bones. When neuromas form the affected nerve is irritated causing chronic pain. Neuromas may be the result of tight or ill-fitting shoes. Neuromas can also be caused by injury, a foot deformity or repetitive stress on the foot. Many patients suffering from foot neuromas experience sharp or burning pain, tingling, numbness or a painful lump on the ball of the foot, especially when walking.

When left untreated neuroma foot pain progresses, impeding daily activities. Our Milwaukee podiatrist specializes in foot neuromas, helping you alleviate chronic foot pain. When you visit our state-of-the-art foot clinics in Southeast Wisconsin our Milwaukee podiatrist will perform diagnostic tests to accurately identify your foot ailment. Our Milwaukee foot specialists take the time to perform these tests to rule out other foot ailments like tendon injuries or a metatarsal stress fracture. These tests also help identify if you are suffering from multiple foot ailments. If in-depth diagnostic tests are required we may perform an X-ray, ultrasound or an MRI to detect bone, joint, soft tissue or nerve damage.

Upon diagnosis our Milwaukee foot and ankle specialists may utilize our MLS Laser Therapytechnology to help reduce inflammation, heal damaged ligaments or tendons and provide pain relief. In severe cases neuroma surgery may be necessary. Foot neuroma surgery is performed with a local anesthetic to numb the foot. Patients are generally able to return home the same day and resume normal activities in 3 to 6 weeks. Depending on the severity of treatment needed, our Milwaukee podiatrist may also suggest custom orthotics, orthopedic shoes, padding and adhesive tape or physical therapy.

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