Milwaukee Podiatry Clinics Provide Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Relief

Renowned Milwaukee Foot Doctor Delivers Comprehensive Treatment for Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Our Milwaukee podiatry clinics provide optimal relief for posterior tibial tendonitis. Posterior tibial tendonitis affects the inside of the ankle. Posterior tibial tendonitis may be caused by trauma, overuse, ankle sprains or sports injuries. Often tenderness, swelling and foot weakness results from this type of tendonitis.

When you meet with our Milwaukee foot doctor you’ll receive a comprehensive diagnosis. Our Milwaukee podiatrist will perform a range of basic tests to determine conclusive evidence of posterior tibial tendonitis. If we suspect underlying damage an MRI may be ordered to identify the presence of arthritis, tumors or torn ligaments and tendons. Once a comprehensive diagnosis is complete our Milwaukee foot specialists may suggest custom orthotics, orthopedic shoes, physical therapy, MLS Laser Therapy and, in extreme cases, surgery. Depending on the severity of your tendonitis we may utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to yield faster and more dramatic results.

If you suspect the result of your foot pain is due to posterior tibial tendonitis it is strongly recommended you visit one of our Milwaukee podiatry clinics. If left untreated posterior tibial tendonitis can result in flat feet, lack of arch support, difficulty walking or running, and an unsteady gait. Don’t wait until it’s too late; schedule an appointment with the best podiatrists in Milwaukee.

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists now to schedule your posterior tibial tendonitis treatment.