Podiatry Milwaukee Area Clinics Treat Sesamoiditis

Milwaukee Foot Specialists Provide Advanced Treatment for Sesamoiditis Sufferers

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers’ Milwaukee podiatry clinics provide long-term relief of sesamoiditis. Sesamoiditis involves chronic irritation of the sesamoid bones in the forefoot. Sesamoiditis typically affects those with high arches, foot trauma and young, physically active people, especially runners and dancers. Symptoms associated with sesamoiditis may include swelling, bruising, limited mobility of the big toe and pain on the ball of the foot which can range from a mild ache to intense throbbing.

When you visit one of our podiatry clinics in Milwaukee you’ll receive a personalized consultation to discuss your activity level, degree of pain and treatment options. If sesamoiditis evidence is inconclusive our Milwaukee foot specialist may order an X-Ray, MRI or bone scan to ensure proper diagnosis. Once conclusive results are determined our Milwaukee podiatrist may suggest custom orthoticsphysical therapyMLS Laser Therapy or a combination of treatment methods. MLS Laser Therapy or cold laser therapy is a preferred method for treating pain and inflammation associated with sesamoiditis. Our Milwaukee foot specialists typically recommend a multi-disciplinary treatment method for faster, more effective relief. We will determine if you are a preferred candidate for multi-disciplinary treatment.

Sesamoiditis sufferers usually modify their gait to relieve pressure and pain, which often leads to knee, hip and low back problems. Since sesamoiditis develops gradually many people ignore the warning signs until their foot pain is too much to bear and resulting ailments begin to surface. Don’t wait until it’s too late; relieve your foot pain with immediate sesamoiditis treatment from our Milwaukee foot specialists.

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