Wisconsin Orthopedic and Podiatric Foot and Ankle Tendon Injury Treatment

Milwaukee Podiatrist Provides Diagnosis and Treatment of Foot and Ankle Tendon Injuries

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers’ top podiatrist in Milwaukee offers detailed diagnosis and treatment of all foot and ankle tendon injuries. These injuries range from Achilles tendonitis and posterior tibial tendonitis to tendon ruptures. Depending on the severity of the tendon injury, symptoms may include pain, swelling, redness, bruising and limited mobility. Tendon injuries can result from a number of activities from running or walking up stairs to simply moving the foot or ankle in a compromising way. It is important to see our Milwaukee podiatrist for diagnosis of your tendon injury to ensure proper treatment. Our foot pain Milwaukee specialists utilize a multi-disciplinary approach of surgical and nonsurgical treatments with state of the art equipment to provide customized treatment for your individual needs and severity of injury. If you suspect you’re suffering from a tendon injury, let our Milwaukee podiatrist diagnose the injury and provide the best treatment possible to get you back on your feet.

Contact our Milwaukee foot specialists for personalized treatment of your tendon injury.