Milwaukee Foot Specialist Treats Chronic Toenail Fungus

The Foot Doctor Milwaukee Trusts Offers Superior Fungal Toenail Solutions

Great Midwest Foot and Ankle Centers’ Milwaukee podiatry specialists diagnose and treat toenail fungus with cutting edge, pain-free technology. A fungal infection is the most common nail disease and results in a thick and discolored toenail. The infection makes toenails weak and brittle. If untreated, fungal toenails become painful due to inflamed skin beneath the nail which can even result in permanent nail damage. Toenail fungus should be diagnosed by our Milwaukee podiatrist to be sure it is the cause of your toenail issues. Our Wisconsin orthopedic foot and ankle specialists now offer Cool Breeze Laser treatment, an effective and pain free solution to fungal toenails. The Cool Breeze Laser provides elimination of toenail fungus infections with no down time or side effects. The Cool Breeze Laser is 89-90/foottreatment/% effective in killing fungal pathogens. Within a year of receiving this treatment most patients were able to grow normal, fungus-free nails.

When warm weather comes, out come your sandals and flip-flops. Unless you want to be painting your toenails or hiding them the whole time, arrange for toenail fungus treatment from our Milwaukee foot doctors. Prompt attention to fungal toenail infections can prevent more serious damage. Our local foot doctors in Milwaukee area know what the best and most effective treatment plan for the severity of your toenail fungus. We’ll not only treat the fungus, we’ll help you prevent it in the future with proper nail care techniques. Toenail fungus might be a problem now, but the sooner you secure treatment, the sooner you’ll get back your natural, healthy looking toenails.

Contact our Milwaukee toe fungus treatment specialists if you’re suffering from chronic or severe toenail fungus.